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Abraham Lincoln's Dred Scott Decision & Peoria Speech Essay

Abraham Lincoln's Dred Scott Decision and Peoria Speech - Essay Example Also, no blacks able to hold onto any situation in any office through the presentation of the Illinois law. In a discourse that Lincoln conveyed in Peoria, he expressed that if by some coincidence, he had the force; his first tendency is free all slaves and dispatch them all to their local land. As indicated by Abraham Lincoln, the situation of prevalent and second rate in the American states intended to diminish the quantity of blacks entering the nation. In any case, he later found that his arrangements were inconceivable since the whites required blacks for work. The fundamental inquiries that run over his psyche were whether the blacks may be both strategically and socially equivalent to whites. Lincoln dismissed this significant angle. He didn't accept the dark to be his equivalents, he never at any possibility, favor the blacks. Nonetheless, other than his scorn towards the blacks he took a stab at halting the subjugation exchange (Basler 121). Lincoln consistently denied the b lacks the option to cast a ballot, he was never prepared to welcome on political and social fairness between the dark and the white. The primary explanation regarding why he needed to be away from the dark is his scorn towards the dark race. Lincoln accepted there was a generous assorted variety between the dark and the white, which in his judgment he generally forestalled blacks and whites living respectively on the basing of perfect balance. Lincoln was consistently for the white race, which he had a place.

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Career Building Competencies Essay Example for Free

Vocation Building Competencies Essay In the wake of finishing my profession interests’ profiler and abilities evaluations, it helped me increase a superior comprehension of my skills and how I apply them to a business setting. With the profession interests’ profiler, it practically as of now mentioned to me what I definitely knew yet to a greater degree a more profound comprehension. What I do acknowledge in the wake of taking finishing the vocation interests’ profiler is furnishing me with a rundown of the various professions that would be most appropriate for me. By finishing the abilities evaluation, it has helped me investigate my outcomes, for example, adjusting to change, conveying results or advancing and how I can apply them to basic reasoning. By understanding my own capabilities, what I can do to improve my abilities can be utilizing my outcomes to help look fresh. One outcome I discovered extremely interesting was advancing. â€Å"To innovate† intends to show something as though it was the first run through or to adjust something and I found that captivating as one of my outcomes. Applying development to basic reasoning would intend to break new ground, change my discernment on how I see the issue with the goal that the arrangement may introduce itself. Another path in applying my outcomes can be by they way I assess contentions. For instance, adjusting to change or adapting to pressure are incredible abilities in which can help me assessing contentions. With adjusting to transform, it can assist me with survey the contention from an alternate perspective. It can open my eyes in observing other potential arrangements and going to an understanding. Likewise with adapting to pressure, it can help me by keeping me quiet when in a contentious position. Not exclusively would it be able to keep me quiet however by remaining quiet, it can assist me with remaining certain about what is contended. Subsequent to taking this appraisal, it has helped me comprehend my abilities when being applied to basic reasoning and assessing contention.

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Age and the Application Process Youth Considerations COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog

Age and the Application Process Youth Considerations COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY - SIPA Admissions Blog I apologize in advance for the length of this entry, however I think it is important as the questions addressed come up quite frequently.   I wrote it while on a long train ride recently.   If you are still in school or have less than two years of work experience, this entry should provide some helpful information and insight. Each application season one of the most common inquires we receive is something along the lines of the following: “I see that your Web site notes that the average age of a new student at SIPA is 27 but I am young and motivated and wish to apply to your program.   I believe that I am a wonderful fit for SIPA and have performed well in school and have participated in activities outside the classroom.   Can you provide advice on how as a young applicant I can put together a competitive application?   Further, as a younger applicant, is it worth my time to apply to your program?” This question is often accompanied by a résumé, a list of activities/accomplishments, or a personal story about commitment to the intended field of study. Let me start by stating that the Admissions Committee looks for the same thing all applicants, regardless of age.   We seek to answer two basic questions when reading applications: 1)      Is the applicant prepared/capable of performing well in our rigorous curriculum? 2)      Is the applicant a good fit for our program?   This roughly breaks into whether the application as a whole provides a clear idea of what an applicant wants from our program, what s/he will add to our program, and the contribution s/he hopes to make after leaving our program. Our goal is to admit applicants who are able to address the points above in a convincing manner, regardless of age.   However, to provide some context let me elaborate on some of the characteristics concerning our typical applicant pool.   Roughly 70% of those that apply to our program are 25 years of age or older.   These individuals usually have 2-3 years worth of full time work experience. Those who are able to focus full time on work after leaving school have a few things in their favor.   One is the ability to contribute professional experience to the classroom environment at SIPA.   In a professional program like ours, faculty will often ask students to integrate their personal experience into classroom work and assignments.   Two, full time work helps individuals to learn more about what they want to do, and equally as important, what they do not wish to do.   Thus, applications from those who have been out of school for a few years allow an applicant to speak from experience and not just desire and short term experiences such as internships. Because of the value of experience, applicants that apply during their senior year of college or those with little work experience certainly increase the chance of being admitted if the résumé shows a history of interesting experiences.   To state it another way, we are looking for applicants that are unusually mature compared to others in the same age group.   Examples of such experience/abilities can include: Internships Volunteer Work Student Leadership Study Abroad or time spent working/volunteering abroad The ability to speak multiple languages Focused academic/professional projects A gap year between high school and college, or during college In sum, we are looking for experiences outside of the classroom that help to demonstrate maturity and focus and as a result will create a rich learning environment at SIPA.   Just as our students wish to learn from faculty members with experience, our faculty look for students who will be able to create synergy in the classroom and increase the value of group projects that are integrated into our curriculum. Regarding preparation for our core curriculum, we do pay particular attention to quantitative training/experience.   The reason for this is that our core curriculum requires a full year of economics, a quantitative analysis class, and a financial management course.   We feel that in order to succeed in these courses, applicants need some previous experience or demonstrated ability with quantitative methods.   This can be demonstrated through coursework, professional experience, and standardized testing.   Courses in the following areas can help to demonstrate quantitative competence: Mathematics Statistics Quantitative Analysis Economics Science/Engineering coursework Some younger applicants will also ask about the relevance of academic major/minor.   The Admissions Committee is more concerned with fit and competence than academic major, but it is true that young applicants with a major that is seemingly unrelated to the proposed field of study at SIPA face stronger scrutiny in the admission process.   Thus, young applicants with a major that is somewhat related to the proposed field of study at SIPA are more likely to receive favorable consideration by the Committee. Let me address a few other common follow up questions from younger applicants. “Is it possible for you to tell me my chance of being admitted by reviewing my materials before I apply?” We are unable to tell anyone their chance of being admitted because the admission process is relative.   Each year hundreds of applicants apply and thus the pool is different each year.   There is also turnover in the Admission Committee each year.   The best thing you can do is closely review our FAQ page and put together the most competitive application possible. A competitive application is one where all of the parts fit together.   By this I mean your personal statement, letters of recommendation, résumé, etc. should all combine to tell the story of why an education at SIPA will allow you to accomplish your goals and how your experience to date has prepared you to succeed in our program. As a younger applicant, is it worth my time to apply? In one sense there is never a bad time to apply to SIPA.   If you think you are ready and you want to go for it, nothing should stop you.   One reason I say this is that the Admission Committee does not look down upon or penalize applicants that are denied who choose to reapply at a later time.   As a matter of fact, the Committee sometimes encourages applicants that are denied to reapply at a later time.   Admission to SIPA in quite competitive and often times the Committee will encourage applicants to pursue additional experience or coursework and reapply. Do you treat domestic and international applicants differently in the admissions process? Just like the Admissions Committee looks for the same qualifications in an applicant regardless of age, we look for the same things regardless of whether a student is domestic or international.   Of course applicants that do not speak English as a native language must submit an English langauge test result.   The Committee also understands that domestic applicants may achieve higher scores on the GRE.   This is one reason we do not publish average GRE scores.   Each applicant is different and we do not have any GPA or test cutoffs or recommendations. Many international applicants will also state something like the following: I think the Committee should understand that in my country a Masters degree is required to apply for jobs, and yet your program prefers applicants to have professional experience.   It is hard for me to get professional experience in my country without a graduate degree.   Does the Committee take this into consideration? The Committee does understand that this “Catch 22” exists, however we are concerned most with creating the best learning environment possible at SIPA. Our advice is to try to get as much experience as you can outside the classroom while pursuing your undergraduate degree. In the end please realize that the Committee does not set a limit on the number of people we will admit from certain age groups.   We simply look for the most qualified applicants.   The reality is that the majority of those that apply have experience and it is thus statistically more difficult for those with little or no experience to gain admission.   Each year 5-10% of those that enroll in our program do come directly from college so a small percentage is able to convince the Committee of preparedness for our program. If you feel you are ready, please do apply.   There is no downside to doing so because we will not penalize you if you choose to reapply at a later time.

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America’s Foreign Policy and the Cold War Essay - 1187 Words

America’s Foreign Policy and the Cold War The role of America at the end of World War II was where the origins of policing the world originate. America had been engaged in a very costly war in terms of dollars as well as lives. But, despite the expense the United States came out of World War II better than any other nation that was involved. The Second World War was a battle between the Allied and Axis Powers. The Allied Powers consisted of the United States, Great Britain, the Soviet Union, China, and France. This war was seen as the fight against Nazi Germany, and therefore resulted in a majority of the battles fought on German and Russian soil. The aftermath left the Soviet Union in bad shape. Close to twenty million Russians†¦show more content†¦This act created a single Department of Defense, and created the Central Intelligence Agency, or CIA. These two new agencies acted as the first step in atomic warfare management. Continuing to act as police of the world and leader of capitalism, Truman drafted the Marshall Plan. The Marshall Plan, which complemented the Truman Doctrine, was a program of large scale economic and military aid to Europe. Considered by some, this was the most innovative piece of foreign policy in American History. Where over the next four years the United States contributed over $12 billion to a highly successful recovery effort. The Soviet Union stilled commanded a blockade on highway, rail, and river traffic to West Berlin. As a result, the United States responded by entering into a peacetime military alliance; this being the first time since the American Revolution. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) a project costing $1.3 billion, enabled the basing of all four United States Army divisions into Western Europe. Twelve nations agreed to sign this pact that stated an armed attack against one or more of them in Europe or North America shall be considered an attack against them all. Consequently, a few months later, Stalin lifted the blockade which had made the city a symbol of resistance to communism. Between the creation of NATO, the National Security Act and CIA, and the Marshall Plan, America was dictating theirShow MoreRelatedAssess the Significance of the Korean War in Relation to the Cold War1383 Words   |  6 PagesThe Korean War was the first major ‘proxy war’ of the Cold War, and was relatively significant to the development of the Cold War due to a number of factors. Overall it can be seen as a clear example of the United States’ policy of containment in action, leading to the vast growth of Americaâ€℠¢s military capability, as well as the globalisation of the Cold War due to the military alliances constructed by the US. Along with this, the Korean War ended with the emergence of China as the frontrunner ofRead MoreThe Politics Of Power By Ira Katznelson1315 Words   |  6 PagesIn the chapter â€Å"Foreign Policy† in the book, â€Å"The Politics of Power† by Ira Katznelson, Mark Kesselman, and Alan Draper, describes in detail of the events leading to America’s great level of dominance. Throughout the chapter, a few key points were made. The main three points that were observed in this chapter consisted of America’s influence and global expansion, the transition into the globalization era, and environmental problems. From the beginning of the exploration era, to the globalizationRead MoreComparative Critique of Kennans American Diplomacy and Williams the Tragedy of American Diplomacy1279 Words   |  6 Pagesspecifically examining the absence of dir ection in American foreign policy and with the end result of American strength and insecurity at the start of the Cold War. Williams, in his book The Tragedy of American Diplomacy, pursues a different but still critical perspective by asserting that American policy was largely motivated by the Open Door policy, which led to the eventual alienation of countries to the United States and ultimately created the Cold War. By analyzing these two works, contrasts in theRead MoreThe Truman Doctrine1364 Words   |  6 PagesAmerican Foreign Policy during the Cold War On March 12, 1947, President Harry S. Truman defined United States foreign policy in the context of its new role as a world superpower. Many historians consider his speech to Congress as the words that officially started the Cold War. The Truman Doctrine was a major break from U.S. historical trends of isolationist foreign policy. His speech led to the Cold War policy of containment. Moreover, it served as a precedent for future U.S. policy of interventionismRead MoreKorean War : The Cold War1598 Words   |  7 Pageshad already seen two appallingly destructive and costly World wars, just as the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States broke due to their ideological differences after World War II, in the midst of the Cold War was the Korean War. The Korean War began on June 25, 1950 when the North Korean People’s Army poured across the 38th parallel, a border between South and North Korea, to attack South Korea. The size of the war quickly grew as it began to i nvolve countries like China, SovietRead MoreTaking a Look at the Cold War996 Words   |  4 Pagesof World War II in the summer of 1945. The Soviet Union and the United States, having been on the Allies fighting against the Axis, were both victorious world superpowers at the end of WWII. With conflicting government systems (on one side socialism and on the other democracy) however, these two nations would fight a cold war for the next few decades in hope of making their rule secure. This would shape America’s foreign and domestic policy for the next few decades and define the Cold War presidentsRead MoreEssay about Detente and the Cold War1017 Words   |  5 Pagessuper power following World War II. Many of the Allies were deeply affected by the war financially and were struggling, thus leaving a vacuum that needed to be filled. The United States was thrust into the position of â€Å"policing† and assisting nations around the world. The Cold War was in many ways a psychological illusion however there were many factors that led to this illusion which were well founded. The Cold War stemmed from a multitude of factors, the difficult war against Nazi’s and JapanRead MoreU.s. Foreign Policy During The Cold War Essay918 Words   |  4 PagesThe overview of The U.S. Foreign Policy The objective of ‘the U.S. foreign policy’ course is to develop personal ability for applying IR theories to the U.S. foreign policy. Then, students will be able to understand the direction as well as the grounds of the U.S. foreign policy. To achieve this objective, I will discuss major the theoretical issues through the brief history of the U.S. foreign policy until the Cold War. After that, I will examine the challenges which the U.S. confronts. One ofRead MoreFall Of American Power1504 Words   |  7 PagesFollowing the Cold War, and the collapse of America’s economic rivals from the time, the implosion of the Soviet Union and Japan’s economic deflation in the early 1990’s, the United States held important roles in international politics that went beyond its extensive military arsenal and nuclear capacities. The U.S., which was then considered an incomparable and unattainable power, sat on top of an influential global economy power capable of stimulating other nations to want to follow on its pathRead MoreThe Clinton s Impeachment Of President Clinton947 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican public, this was a very emotional and eye opening experience that their nation was not invincible. When President Bush had to address the nation over this, it was clear that he would not turn his back on domestic policy and start making changes to American foreign policy in response to this attack. 2009- More Troops in Afghanistan After many debates, Obama persuaded Congress to approve the deployment of thousands of more troops to Afghanistan in 2009. The intention was to show he listened

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Entering The Class, English Comp - 914 Words

Entering the class, english comp. one, I had many fears as to what the class would be like. I had no idea what to expect as a senior in highschool. During the past english classes I had, we wrote papers, just not a different one every day. Going into english comp. one, I figured it would be the same method in english just like the past classes I had. On the very first day in the class, I quickly found out that I would have to buckle down a little more than I have been in the past. I knew then, from what Mrs. Garth had told us, that I was going to have many weaknesses while writing my papers, but I would also have many strengths from what I had learned in the past about writing. In August, our first day in the college class, Mrs. Garth talked with the class about what this semester was going to be like. She spoke to us as college students and not little children. She told us that Comp. was all about writing. As a class, we knew there would be more writing than we were use to, but the very first paper that Mrs. Garth told us to write was unlike any other paper I had ever wrote on my own. We were told to write about our favorite foods, our not so favorite foods, or a tragedy that has happened to us in our life. Of course, I wrote about the tragedy, my paper was written on the note of my grandmother passing away. I used very descriptive details in my writing about what the days were like for me and how I felt after she was gone. While writing the paper, I thought to myselfShow MoreRelatedWilliam s English Comp 1 Class1023 Words   |  5 PagesPrior to attending Mrs. William’s English Comp 1 class, I felt marginally confident about my writing, however, I knew I needed improvement. You visually perceive, I’ve been out of school for proximately thirty-three years and honestly, not knowing what to expect these questions arose, â€Å"Can I genuinely write†? â€Å"What type of writing will be required†? â€Å"How well will I do†? When I stepped into the classroom and gazed about the room, I felt out of my element. The students were much younger and more keenlyRead MoreMy Reading And Writing Skills1484 Words   |  6 PagesI was terrified walking into my third attempt at Engl 1010 this semester. I attempted and failed this class twice already so I was worried about what was to come, more failing grades, more difficult papers to write, and more confusion. I wrote about this concern in my Literacy Narrative assignment. I realized for the first time my easy high school years had hurt me academically, and that as a college freshman, my reading and writing skills were at an eighth grade level. I tried, but was unableRead MoreCause and Effect of Low Wages1184 Words   |  5 PagesKay Lynn Ruth Hurst English Comp 1 08 October 2012 The Cause and Effect of Low Income Jobs on Family Life While researching the cause and effect of the economy on low wage workers, the discovery of how the families struggle on a daily basis to juggle work, child care, transportation and family well-being was astounding. While some families are two parent homes, only one is able to work due to the cost of child care. Other families consist of one parent, who works two jobs to take care ofRead MoreAtomic Bomb Justified? Essay1643 Words   |  7 Pagesin the end it saved countless lives, stopped Russia from entering the war, and prevented the use of future Atomic Bombs. Furthermore, it revealed America’s military strength and power to the world which led to stronger ally ties and kept enemies at bay. Megan Connolly Roughton Period 5, English 10 10 April 2012 Work Cited Carroll, Drew, Comp. â€Å"Atomic Bomb DBQ† Class notes. Standley Lake High School. 22 February 2012. HagueRead MoreKnow Your Place Essay1879 Words   |  8 Pagesincluded in the upper class. Historically, the novel was hardly influenced by what was occurring during the time it was written which included the French Revolution and Napoleonic wars. â€Å"In the world of Pride and Prejudice, the soldiers are present only to give the younger Bennet daughters men in uniforms to chase after. Their world is limited to their own home, those of their friends and neighbors, a few major resort towns, and, far off, the city of London.† (1) â€Å"Contemporary English society is a preoccupationRead MoreTeaching For The Future Of Education Essay1959 Words   |  8 PagesCam Parvin Mrs. Boyce Adv. Comp. 18 October 2016 Teaching for the Future A person s future accomplishments are largely dependent on the education they receive during their childhood, teenage years, and early adulthood. In the U.S., however, college students and adults alike are falling behind globally, and the source of the problem is education. American students are receiving poor educations due to problems within the country s education system, leaving them unprepared for the adult world. OfRead MoreCard 405- Rough Draft Portfolio1921 Words   |  8 Pagesreading and reasoning, as well as through examination of problem-solving methodologies. Students learn to work in teams, to identify and resolve problems, and to use research effectively to gather and evaluate relevantand useful information. / 3-3 COMP 100 Computer Applications for Business with Lab This course introduces basic concepts and principles underlying personal productivity tools widely used in business such as word processors, spreadsheets,email and web browsers. Students also learn basicRead MoreApplication Erp For Enterprise Resource Planning Essay1754 Words   |  8 PagesManagement (CRM) based solutions are also giving boost to the small sector ERP solutions [7]. Other popular trends like E-Commerce and M-Commerce are also giving the much needed support for online ERP implementations. VII CONCLUSION Smaller player are entering the arena at a fast pace and trying their best to point the small companies with big growth potentials. Small players are professional in approach and shows benefits of action and commitment to their prospective clients. Any country, any regionRead MoreCollege Essay : College Is Knowledge, Not Success1756 Words   |  8 PagesBakari Young-Smith Mrs. Arant English Comp. A 23 October 2017 College Equals Knowledge, not Success Endless studying, expensive tutors, exhausting all-nighters, the common theme behind these: high school, or more importantly, graduation (SP #7). While this may not resonate with 100% of all high school students, for the majority of the student population this a mutual objective. Especially in a school like Ravenscroft located in Raleigh, NC, a college preparatory school that offers a high-level ofRead More Career as a Military Officer Essay3869 Words   |  16 Pagesmost prestigious route to a commission is at one of the federal service academies. These academies are 4-year colleges that grant Bachelor of Science degrees. Graduates have a 5-year commitment after graduation but may have a longer commitment if entering flight training. Another way to earn a commission is through ROTC or Reserve Officers Training Corps. There are about 950 Army, 60 Navy and Marine Corps, and 550 Air Force ROTC programs at schools across the nation. Trainees take between 2 and 5

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Baking Free Essays

My parents worked a lot of hours when I was a teenager, so dinner was left to me to cook. I soon learned all the usual family classics Like spaghetti bologna’s, shepherds pie, roasts and cooked breakfasts. I became a lot more adventurous when I had my own family and quite often get the recipe books out to try something new. We will write a custom essay sample on Baking or any similar topic only for you Order Now I only really got into baking once our boys came along and wanted to make them homemade cakes for their birthdays. I remember the first cake I ever made was at school in cooking class. It was awful, it sated like a biscuit, the icing was a terrible hot pink color that ran off the sides of the cake as I hadn’t let them cool enough. It was a disaster but with age I have become a lot more patient. When I started baking I Just tried Victoria sponges everyone that tried them said that tasted delicious. So then I went on to experiment with different flavors like chocolate, carrot and coffee and walnut and a variety of different flavor cupcakes. I still haven’t tried cake pops even though I have a little machine to try them. Not all of my cakes turn out perfect, some sink In the middle or urn around the outside edges. It takes a while to get to know your oven , what temperature Is best to cook at and remember never to open the oven door to early. So now I had mastered the cakes it was time to get on with the decorating which is either easy and straight forward or a nightmare and you keep pulling the icing off and starting again. It can be really frustrating when the icing splits or cracks but what is really awful is when you’ve laid the icing over the cake and you turn and put your finger in it. That’s not so bad if your covering the cake with flowers or other secretions because you hide it but if it has to be smooth you have to restart it or try and patch if it’s not in a noticeable place. The first cake I made was for my eldest when he was three. He was crazy for fireman Sam. Looking back on what I can do now it wasn’t really that good. For the cake I made a 8 Inch round Victoria sponge and covered It with white fondant. I colored red fondant and cut out a fire engine shape as seen from the front. I put a photo of our boys on the cake and laid the fire engine shape over the top so it looked like they were driving I added the blue lights, a few details to the fire engine, name, age and the happy birthday. Everyone loved it even though we couldn’t eat the picture. I had found something that I really loved doing. I get a warm feeling when I see someone face after they have received their cake. I started making them for our boys but ended up making them for friends, their children and other family members. The first cake I made outside the family was for my best friends son on his third birthday. He wanted a treasure chest, this I was a little worried about as I had never tried to bake any other shapes other than circles r squares, and this needed to have a lid on It. I always start by looking in my cake books and the Internet. There are millions of cake pictures on Google Images. I look at the pictures and decide what shape, flavors and colors I’m going to use. Then I get a piece of paper and draw a rough copy of the cake and add little notes as to what the color is going to be or the type of icing I’m going to use or where the decorations buying a Swiss roll to give the lid a curved shape. Whilst the cake was cooling I got to work on making the decorations so they would have time to dry out before putting hem on the cake. I then made up a pile of chocolate butter cream and sandwiched the cakes together and covered the complete outside and the lid which was made out of a cardboard rectangle covered with foil. Once it was covered I dragged a fork through the icing to give it a wooden effect and stared putting the decorations and the lid on. I put the lid resting on two skewers so I could have chocolate gold coins and some Jewels spilling over the top. I dusted all the yellow fondant with gold shimmer powder to give it some elegance. It was one of my successes and with allow sugar all around the bottom to look like sand. Just to add a little surprise I buried a two pound coin under the sand and placed an x on top then finished with the usual name age and happy birthday. Not all of my cakes have been so amazing. It depends on what the birthday boy or girl likes. One cake I hated making was a Manchester united football shirt . When it was finally finished it looked okay but getting it to the end was a nightmare. The icing kept splitting or cracking, I couldn’t cover the sleeves without creasing the icing I ended up throwing the icing at the wall ND having a cup of tea. When I went back to it with fresh icing and changing tactics I got it covered but swore I would never do another one. I found it to be a very plain cake with very little decoration even so the little boy was delighted. It depends on what the â€Å"in† thing is with the children as to what I get asked to make. With girls it tends to be princess castles, horses or anything pink or sparkly. With boys the last couple of years it’s been mine craft but they also like football themes, been 10 and the minions from despicable me. My all time favorite cake to bake was when my ingest asked for a yellow minion ( there are purple one too. I thought it was going to be quite complex but it turned out to be one of the easiest cakes I have ever made. Once I had baked enough cakes and cooled them I sandwiched them all together with butter cream and covered with yellow fondant. Whilst this was all setting I fashioned a pair of blue dungarees from fondant, his eye and goggle, arms and legs. When these were all ready I stuck it all together and it Just went together like a dream. He was awe struck when he saw it and everyone said it was amazing and tasted fantastic. How to cite Baking, Papers

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Culture And Counselling Essay Research Paper Culture free essay sample

Culture And Counselling Essay, Research Paper Culture may be defined in a wide and narrow context. The wide definition includes demographic variables ( age, gender ) , position variables ( societal, educational, economic ) and associations ( formal and informal ) , every bit good as ethnographic variables, such as ethnicity, nationality, linguistic communication. Narrow definition of civilization is limited to the footings of ethnicity and nationality, which are of import for single and familial individuality, but the construct of civilization in Counselling normally goes beyond national and cultural boundaries. It interprets civilization in a broader facet, it aims to travel beyond its more obvious and verifiable symbols toward the more subjective perspectives its members hold. Reding trades with the subjective facet of civilization, which refers to the internalised feeling, attitudes, sentiments and premises that members of a peculiar civilization clasp, every bit good as with the aim, which involves seeable facets, that are c ulturally adopted and determined and can be identified by both individuals within and outside a given civilization. We will write a custom essay sample on Culture And Counselling Essay Research Paper Culture or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page There are different positions, nevertheless, , which put emphasis on assorted facets of civilization and seek to place its boundaries and its replacements. Some regard civilization as separate entity from demographic factors, some point out socialization as one of the obstructions, which makes civilization hard to place, some show how an confidant and meaningful relationship between a counselor and a culturally different client to be established. In this essay I will be discoursing what the different constructs of apprehension of civilization in Counselling are, by analyzing different writers and positions and measuring their strengths and failings. Herskovits ( 1948 cited in Serpell 1978 ) defines civilization as the portion of the environment, which is created or shaped by human existences. Triandis ( 1972 in Pedersen 1994 ) focused on the civilization # 8216 ; in our caputs # 8217 ; , which is composed of the shared experiences and cognition of a self-perpetuating and uninterrupted human group, which is portion and package of the personal world. Triandis, Bontemplo, Leung A ; Hui ( 1990 cited in Pedersen 1994 ) distinguished between demographic, cultural and personal concepts. Cultural concepts they identified as being shared by group of people, who live in the same geographical location at the same clip, speak the same idiom and shared the same norms, functions, values and ways to depict experience. Demographic constructs trade with the same subjects, but when shared by a peculiar demographic group within a civilization, such as work forces and adult females, immature and old. Personal concepts belong to another class of single differences and can non be meaningfully interpreted with mentions to the cultural and demographic rank. Each of the three concepts are closely related with the others, but they should be examined independently. Reding in this instance should take into account cultural and demographic differences, but work on a personal degree. Contrary to this position stands Hofstede ( 1986, 1992 cited in Pedersen 1996 ) who described three factors or dimensions that constitute and influence civilization. The first construct is individualism-collectivism- a individual experiences himself as a self-contained alone entity, endeavoring to achieve his or her ain ends and to recognize his or her ain aspirations. In a leftist environment a individual finds himself portion of societal web of life-lasting relationships, from which he or she can non or does non desire to be removed. This ambiguity leads to alter in the look of attitudes and values in the societal sphere. Power concept is a concept th at refers to the spread that separates higher-ups from subsidiaries and is assessed on the credence versus rejection of inequality in position, income and power. The 3rd construct is the masculinity-femininity on the footing of a distinction of occupational gender functions. In broader footings, masculine civilizations are orientated toward public presentation, production and accomplishment, feminine civilizations emphasize caring and value aspirations toward the less significant ends of comfort, security and felicity. This position shows the subjective portion of civilization and trades with human existences on vitamin E deeper degree, indicating out that when seeking to understand civilization, all the concepts mentioned supra should besides be taken into history before pulling decisions. The differentiation between civilization as a system with an being on its ain versus civilization as a set of conditions outlined by Berry, Poortinga, Segall and Dasen ( 1992 cited in Pedersen 1996 ) is utile to understanding the dynamic nature of the construct every bit good as its many dimensions, including gender, societal establishments ( household, school, equal groups, church, political groups ) can be observed as go-betweens of the civilization # 8217 ; s symbolic significances, such as values, outlooks and attitudes. Multiculturalism seems to capture together the alone interaction among many different variables that together form cultural diverseness. There is some confusion nevertheless refering the differentiation between footings, such as cultural individuality, cultural individuality and racial individuality. Some writers approached the concept of individuality by agencies of the associated construct of socialization ( Padilla 1980 cited in Ponteroto et al 1996 ) , some from societal cognitive position ( Knight, Bernal, Gazza A ; Cotta 1993 cited in Woolfe R. 1996 ) . Olmedo ( 1979 cited in Ho 1995 ) advocated a psychometric position to the measuring of socialization. Three chief classs of points have been used in the building of graduated tables for mensurating single socialization: lingual ( linguistic communication proficiency ) , sociocultural ( position and mobility, grade of urbanisation, household size ) and psychological ( cultural values orientation, cognition, values, attitudes ) . The inquiry of cultural individuality and how this term becomes flexible one time a individual has left a peculiar state or even speakin g about different coevalss in footings of altering values and forms, shows the chief trouble when seeking to pigeonhole a peculiar civilization, which is the construct of development within the civilization itself, which leads to changeless ongoing alterations of the construct of one’s civilization every bit good as of the construct of civilization itself. However, in most of the guidance literature, civilization is by and large synonymous with race and ethnicity. Other possible cultural dimensions, such as faith, gender, or societal category are normally ignored. Dimensions, such as disablement, sexual orientation and age frequently are addressed apart from civilization. Traditionally, cultural, demographic and personal factors have been distinguished from each other, and gender as a demographic factor is associated with specific values, beliefs and premises shared by a specific section of a civilization. In a planetary society, the boundaries of linguistic communication and geographics as standards for definition of civilization are rather weak. However, some writers still speculate and distinguish civilization of gender. As Segal and Dasen ( 1990 ) claimed that gender differences are enculturated in immature kids through the procedure of different socialisation, doing them portion of either work forces # 8217 ; s and female # 8217 ; s universe, which are complex societal systems with specific values representing civilization of their ain. Gender functions, on the other manus, are claimed to be biologically determined by some writers, such as Pearsons and Bowlby, so those are possible grounds why gender is still examined as a dimension outside civilization. Pedersen ( 1991 cited I Pedersen 1994 ) presented the possibility of a new generic multicultural theory, a # 8216 ; 4th force # 8217 ; which goes good together with the psychodynamic, the behavioural and the humanistic accounts of human behavior. It explains behaviour in footings of single differences every bit good as those facets that are shared across civilizations by the human race and that bind individuals to one another regardless of their differentness. Pederson supported the place that multiculturalism should mention to a wide definition of civilization that includes demographic, ethnographic, position and association dimensions, in which instance there would be a theory, which can be followed and used in all reding relationships. There are three different types of responses to cross-cultural guidance. Harmonizing to Berry ( 1969 ) one should get down with preparation, experience and sensitiveness they have accumulated with their within-cultural patronages and so to extent and modify their intercessions in culturally different reding brushs. The 2nd mentality is a careful conceptual analysis of a civilization # 8217 ; s values and patterns, including its curative intercessions, and eventual incorporation of these constituents into modern reding techniques. The 3rd attack focuses on placing cultural obstructions to effectual and helpful intercession. Once the barriers are identified, they can be removed and a culturally appropriate solution may be proposed. Yet none of those techniques bears in head civilization as being a different dimension with its ain regulations and values and none of them does really see the troubles that may be encountered in specifying and saying cultural boundaries every bit good as t aking them. Cultural consciousness in this instance is helpful, but the fact that cultural differences are sometimes difficult to be distinguished from demographic or personal 1s makes them hard to be accurately identified. Egan ( 1998 ) shows a theoretical account, which undergoes cultural boundaries, which regards cultural differences in the context of premises, beliefs and norms. He claimed that in order a counselor to be efficient, he or she should understand the different demands and the thought of balance in a peculiar civilization, to understand the specific niceties related to demographic factors, but chiefly to esteem that behind their shared humanity, clients differ from one another in many facets and diverseness and single civilization should be praised. Definitions of civilization unit as a group of people populating in the same geographical country and sharing the same linguistic communication or idiom seems to be utile for probes at the group or population degree. However, this attack reduces civilization to a position of a nominal variable, which is instead limited. First, categorical assignment presumes that each topic belong to one and merely cultural unit. This given is indefensible in instances of to the full bicultural or multicultural persons. Second, subcultural fluctuations, originating from powerful factors, such as age, gender and socioeconomic category are ignored ( Ho, 1989 cited in Ho 1995 ) . More basically, within group single differences in the extent to which civilization is internalized can non be dealt with. Third, civilization is treated as uni-dimensional variable, accordingly, the multidimensional variable of cultural procedure is non taken into history. As Counselling addresses personal differences, in the model of cultural and demographic fluctuations, it deals with civilization in a broader facet. In other footings, civilization is accepted as a term, which lacks spacial dimensions and it is hard to be spotted every bit good as defined. Cultural consciousness is of import, but civilization should be regarded as a difference instead than an obstruction and premises should non be drawn. As civilization is a flexible construct which is invariably altering in a broader every bit good as in a narrower context, it is hard to specify, whether a peculiar fragment of one # 8217 ; s personality is culturally determined, demographically adopted or merely a personal feature. Mentions: 1. Egan G. ( 1998 ) The Skilled Helper, Brooks/Cole Publishing Company: United states 2. Ho Y.H.D. Internalized Culture, Culturocentrism and Transcendence, The Counselling Psychologist, Vol.23, 1, January 95, p.4-24 3. Pedersen B. ( 1994 ) A Handbook for Developing of Multicultural Awareness, American Counselling Association: United states 4. Pedersen B. et Al. ( 1996 ) ( ed. ) Reding Across Cultures, Sage Publications Inc. : USA 5. Ponteroto J. et Al. ( 1995 ) ( ed. ) Handbook of Multicultural Counselling, Sage Publications Inc. : USA 6. Serpell R. ( 1976 ) Culture # 8217 ; s Influence on Behaviour, Richard Clay Ltd. : United kingdom 7. Woolfe R. A ; Dryden W. 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